With the recent ten year anniversary of 9-11, Bands for Freedom Foundation has created a newly designed wristband to help remember those who died, and those who have fought and continue to fight the war on terror.
All Bands for Freedom proceeds after admin and manufacturing costs go to Stars for Stripes and the Armed Forces Relief Trust (www.afrtrust.org) Foundations to benefit our troops and their families.

Welcome to Stars for Stripes

For the past 10 years, Stars for Stripes has co-produced with MWR, MNC-I, USAREUR and AFE,  more than 50 tours entertaining our troops deployed to remote locations overseas.  Top name entertainers including Charlie Daniels, Richard Marx, Lee Ann Womack, Little Big Town, Aaron Tippin, Chely Wright, Karri Turner, Dave Price, Craig Morgan, Jim McMahon, Kevin Butler,  Dierks Bentley, Diamond Rio, Trick Pony, Mark Wills, the Bellamy Brothers, D.B. Sweeney, Bo Bice and Darryl Worley and many others have generously donated their time and talents in support of our military men and women deployed overseas.  Additionally, Stars for Stripes has partnered with numerous military support organizations in sponsoring fundraising events throughout the United States on a regular basis.   In 2005 and 2006, the organization has been instrumental in shipping more than 20,000 Christmas stockings to troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.  

Deployment in harmís way is not a new phenomenon. The United States has had troops stationed in foreign areas of conflict for decades and will, in all likelihood, for decades to come. Citizens serving in our military perform an often thankless task in difficult conditions.  Their families are subjected to long absences, frequent moves and many times must learn to adapt to the culture and language of foreign postings.
Stars for Stripes celebrity tours improve the morale and general welfare of our U. S. Military personnel and promote patriotism and civic pride among the troops and the general public.  An infusion of U.S. culture and entertainment for the troops while they are stationed abroad is an important tie to their heritage and culture and is intended to raise strong feelings of patriotism and an appreciation for their homeland.  By raising awareness of the troopsí sacrifices and contributions, we are reminded of the American values for which the troops are deployed and the importance of these values throughout the world.

Our nationís commitments are many and that load is shouldered by a proud and selfless few. We cannot repay their sacrifices or truly compensate them for their dedication. We can, however, honor them with a glimpse of life back home, with entertainment and with our mere presence, if only for a short while. 

Support organizations for military veterans vastly outnumber those serving active duty troops. Stars for Stripes strives to reach out to the brave men and women on todayís front lines while also partnering and offering support to numerous veteranís and wounded soldiers organizations.

Rock band, FILTER Country singer Joe Nichols
Actress Karri Turner and Dave Price from CBS' The Early Show Country singer AaronTippin




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